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    Founded in 2011, we are highly experienced boutique — team drawn from journalism, marketing, design, international PR consultancies and senior corporate roles.

    We work across all sectors including retail, energy, automotive, finance, art, luxury, tourism, charity and IT. We create tailor made marketing campaigns based on detailed research of each of our client’s target audience: psychological, social-demographic, ethnic, confessional characteristics and behavioural features.

    The effectiveness of our marketing campaigns is confirmed by tangible results:

    Clients sales growth of more than 30%
    Brand awareness increases of over 50%
    Number of new clients increase by up to 20%
    Loyalty of already existing clients increased by 40%
    Negative comments practically disappear, with some previously dissatisfied clients becoming «brand advocates»


      Digital and Social Media Marketing


      Our digital communications harnesses the ever-growing power of the Internet to bring your brand or product to a highly targeted regional audience on European, North American and Russian markets.

      At Digital Boutique, we recognize the huge potential that a strong digital strategy has in terms of enabling brands to connect with consumers. Digital Boutique de-mystifies the world of online communication, providing simple, effective digital marketing solutions and helping you to achieve tangible, measurable results.



      With over 30 years of cumulative experience in journalism, media, PR and advertising, we know how to make any event a success. We have a proven track record of being able to invite relevant opinion leaders and influencers to PR events as well as developing unique and memorable occasions.

      When supporting events we pay close attention to the business communities that our clients cater to, the business objectives for the event and the tone that management wants to set. We spend time coaching our client management in how to communicate effectively with stakeholders and support them in getting the message across. 
Our major assets are close relationships with journalists whether they are from the printed press, the internet, radio or TV.

      More recently we have helped our clients to enhance events through the use of new media including cooperation with famous bloggers, opinion leaders by carefully tailored social media and PR campaigns.

      Event marketing


      Our portfolio includes organizing attractive events of all kinds including: exhibitions, forums, conferences, master classes, briefings, press-conferences, press lunches, press breakfasts; seminars, business and club meetings; corporate and sport events; auto test-drives and any other events according to each client’s individual need.

      We have organized events in London, Budapest, Berlin, New York, Moscow and beyond. We don’t follow a set pattern – we tailor each event focusing on creating the right impression for our client’s audience.


        Business Leaders’ Summit. Russia – South America (Chile and Argentina)

        living_in_chileGoals and objectives of the summit:

        • To promote the development of trade and economic relations between Russia and Latin America (Chile and Argentina)
        • Draw international investors to promising projects

        Areas of Cooperation: Fuel and energy sector, Utilities, Mining, Transportation and logistics, Engineering, IT, Banking and financial sectors, etc.

        Participants:Entrepreneurs, bankers, executives of industrial, commercial, and financial companies, and representatives from the leading consulting companies. More than 450 delegates from Russia, Chile, Argentina, and other Latin American countries will participate in the conference.

        Our mission

        • To promote the event,
        • To reduce the overall budget through sponsorship
        • To increase number of publications in Russian media

        Our approach:

        • This was the first major business conference in South America and as a result we were able to agree information sponsorship with all the major Russian media companies.
        • We provided information support to conference sponsors and to the target audience in exchange for financial support for the event.


        • Sponsorship gave us opportunity to invite journalists from major Russian business media to the conference.
        • We were able to provide free promotion in magazines, digital and print newspapers, on TV channels and radio interviews for the conference.

        TV project for the number one IT company  in Russia — Croc Incorporated. Annual project «Step into the Future» on RBC TV channel

        Goals and objectives of the project:

        To assist Croc Incorporated to make IT a more accessible topic for business and the non technology professionals and to promote their services.

        Our approach:

        10 Television programs in a talk-show format featuring: celebrity guests from business and media, Croc’s executive team and  a high profile TV-moderator.


        Attained an audience of more than 10M viewers – we were able to demonstrate an increase of revenue for Croc of over 30% directly related to the project and had an overall return on investment of over 300%.

        Investor Relations Campaign for DIXIS Group (Telecom Retail Company)

        r600_nyse-demoGoals and objectives of the project: 

         To assist DIXIS group in their pre-IPO campaign in order to increase brand value and to attract investors.

         Our approach:

        • Monitoring and auditing of current media activities,
        • Developed media relations strategy including understanding and targeting of specific audience groups.
          • Developed list of target media according relevant key-messages for each target audience group.
          • Helped the company to determine which of their internal executives and specialists should act as spokespersons for the brand throughout the campaign.
          • Created list of external experts to speak on behalf of the company to support marketing activities
          • Organized a high profile press conference for business, financial and telecom media


        • Press-conference was attended by 34 journalists and as a result more then 200 articles were published in financial and business media.
          • Total value of campaign assessed at more than 5 000 000 rub (160 000 USD).

        accorGoals and objectives:

        To help ACCOR to increase their brand recognition in Russian and CIS through targeted media activies.

        Our approach:

        • Weekly media monitoring reports for both company and their 4 top competitors.
        • Organized an event for the opening of Novotel Moscow City which included a press-conference which was attended 60 journalists from Russian and international media, more then 3000 articles were published and there were 15 TV-reports.
        • Organized an event for the opening of Mercure, Adagio and Ibis hotels (one hotel complex) on Paveletskaya in Moscow.  This included a press-conference which was attended by 45 journalists from Russian and international media, 165 articles were published and there were 3 TV-reports.
        • Organized monthly publication of opinions on ACCOR brad properties by recognized experts.
        • Monthly press-release copywriting (10000 characters)


        ACCOR’s hotels in Russia are now recognized as quality venues to both stay and organize functions.  The total value of PR-campaign has been valued at 18 000 000 RUR (500 000 USD)

        Media Relations Campaign and Event Management for ROAD (Russian Automotive Dealerships Association)

        road_logo_3D-01Goals and objectives:

        To Assist ROAD in organizing the first major auto dealership conference to be held in Russia on a grand scale.  To promote the event in media and public forums and to obtain sponsorship for the event.

        To expand the concept and run a second event for the ROSAVTODEALER conference.

        To continue to build the ROAD brand and concept through a second annual conference in 2014.

        Our approach:

        • Worked with ROAD management team to identify goals and objectives of the event and to advise on location, participants, format and content.
        • Identified and negotiated sponsorship deals with key sponsors including major software brands like SAP and banks including Raiffeisen bank.
        • Full responsibility for managing the event including identifying and inviting participants, catering, exhibitions and stands, inviting media, etc.
        • Design POS materials: catalogues, badges, event decoration, etc.
        • Youtube ROAD-TV channel: concept, production and technical support
        • Media – consulting, social media community management
        • Sponsorship: search and sponsors support during events


        All three conferences received extremely good press and were highly attended.

        • total value or PR campaign 4 000 000 RUR (110 000 USD)
        • 2000 participants visited the convention
        • own online-tv THEROADTV on
        • sponsorship  covered 50% of events budget

        EkOil Group of companies. TV-programs about EkOil business activity in Nizhny Novgorod region

        ekoilGoals and Objectives:

        To help EkOil, an emerging regional company, to obtain brand recognition and to reach a target audience in the business and consumer market.

        Our approach:

        • Built a campaign based on 12 monthly TV-programs where we were responsible for production, moderation, scenario, scripts for executives and media-trainings.
        • Developed key marketing message for the company “EkOil is your true business partner” which we have helped to disseminate.


        EkOil is now known brand in the region and as a result has seen significant business growth.  The TV campaign attracted 25,000,000 viewers.  EkOil saw the project as so successful that they have commissioned us to develop their own TV channel in Nizhny Novograd.


          Land Rover


            Thanks to Digital Boutique for a perfect job! We have successfully collaborated for over 2 years. We see Digital Boutique not only as a professional supplier but as a strong business partner. Digital Boutique helps us in coming up with fresh ideas and finding sponsors. The Digital Boutique team, for example, developed the ROAD-TV channel. In particular I would like to to confirm high professionalism of the team: serious, tailor made solutions and fast effective results.

            - Mr. Andrey Petrenko, The President of ROAD (Russian Automotive Dealerships Association)

            We continue to work with with our partner Digital Boutique to support us with events. Their quality of work is always perfect: they help us deal with all kinds of issues with perfect quality and always timely. We see Digital Boutique as a team of strong professionals with high level of personal and professional responsibility. We recommend Digital Boutique as stable business partner

            - Mrs. Natalya Morozova, Head of collateralized lending department, “Raiffeisen Bank” Austria

            OUR TEAM

              IMG_0213Ekaterina Gould

              CEO and Founder

              Ekaterina found Digital Boutique in 2011, after more than 20 years experience in journalism, media, public relations and sales.

              Ekaterina is well regarded in professional circles and has received a number of awards. She is a member of the Journalists Union. Throughout her career Ekaterina Gould has created and managed many successful advertising campaigns. She has a wide breadth of experience and has managed advertising and media campaigns for FMCG,  IT, telecom, energy sectors and automotive brands.

              Ekaterina has worked with one of the major media holdings in Russia —  RosBusinessConsulting. During her time there she launched successful projects: talk-shows on RBC-TV, first online luxury magazine in Russia and online luxury market place

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